Yes, I’m still around.  I’ve been a little busy the last couple weeks and neglected my blogging duties.  But I have been working, so not everything was a wash-out.

I spoke with a good friend yesterday.  A close, personal friend who I have known for many years.  And that friend dropped a train on me.  Not literally, mind you.  But that friend told me something that I had a feeling was coming, but wasn’t ready to hear.

Still, for this friend, it’s good news.  For me, I’m not sure.  It would mean that we as friends arrive at a crossroad in our lives.  A point when one could go one way, while the other goes another way. It’s given me a lot to think about, and right now, that’s way too deep for a Friday afternoon.

So that being said, I’ll let it sink in and address the issue on Monday when I’m supposed to help this friend with another important moment — figuring out if its possible to install a satellite radio with minmal damage and cost.



    1. Friends moving away and life in general. Sorry it’s nothing more exciting than that. But months later, I’m back on track. :)

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