fanboys movie was worth the wait

After years of waiting, I finally got to see Fanboys this past weekend.  And you know what? It was totally worth it.

What made the movie good?  The fact that it wasn’t bad, if that makes any sense.  There can be a lot of hype around a film, but then that movie can fail to deliver when the time comes.  With Fanboys, there was no disappointment.

I was pleased to see they kept the original story-line as there was some talk about changing it to make it more appealing to mass audiences.  And the addition of a Zoey geek character (although according to the credits she spells her name without the Y) made the movie that much better.

Honestly,  Fanboys is one of the best comedies of the last ten years.  The characters are real, the jokes are in all the right places and even though some of the best gags were already spoiled in the trailer (isn’t that always the case?) the movie still made me laugh from beginning to end.

And the cameos? Well, let’s just say that only adds to the already near-perfect movie.  Without any hesitation, I can highly recommend this film not only to Star Wars fans, but to anyone who needs that movie-experience escape



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