Month: April 2009


Yes, I’m still around.  I’ve been a little busy the last couple weeks and neglected my blogging duties.  But I have been working, so not everything was a wash-out.

I spoke with a good friend yesterday.  A close, personal friend who I have known for many years.  And that friend dropped a train on me.  Not literally, mind you.  But that friend told me something that I had a feeling was coming, but wasn’t ready to hear.

Still, for this friend, it’s good news.  For me, I’m not sure.  It would mean that we as friends arrive at a crossroad in our lives.  A point when one could go one way, while the other goes another way. It’s given me a lot to think about, and right now, that’s way too deep for a Friday afternoon.

So that being said, I’ll let it sink in and address the issue on Monday when I’m supposed to help this friend with another important moment — figuring out if its possible to install a satellite radio with minmal damage and cost.


fanboys movie was worth the wait

After years of waiting, I finally got to see Fanboys this past weekend.  And you know what? It was totally worth it.

What made the movie good?  The fact that it wasn’t bad, if that makes any sense.  There can be a lot of hype around a film, but then that movie can fail to deliver when the time comes.  With Fanboys, there was no disappointment.

I was pleased to see they kept the original story-line as there was some talk about changing it to make it more appealing to mass audiences.  And the addition of a Zoey geek character (although according to the credits she spells her name without the Y) made the movie that much better.

Honestly,  Fanboys is one of the best comedies of the last ten years.  The characters are real, the jokes are in all the right places and even though some of the best gags were already spoiled in the trailer (isn’t that always the case?) the movie still made me laugh from beginning to end.

And the cameos? Well, let’s just say that only adds to the already near-perfect movie.  Without any hesitation, I can highly recommend this film not only to Star Wars fans, but to anyone who needs that movie-experience escape

fanboys movie now playing in canada!

fanboysAfter what seemed like forever, Fanboys has finally opened in Toronto (as well as two other cities in Canada).  And as luck would have it, it’s playing right downtown and I’m going to see it… tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.  You would think that after all the hype I’ve put on it I would have been the first in line on Friday when it opened, but in all honesty I only found out about it on Saturday and I was already knee-deep into my day. (And thank you to the nearly two dozen people who emailed me over the last couple days to tell me the movie was finally in Toronto. I really should make more use of my “Movie Showtimes” feature on my Samsung Instinct)

So before I hunker down to enjoy Wrestlemania XXV Sunday evening, I’ll spend the morning watching a movie that I’ve waited almost two years to see.

It’s about freakin’ time!

Folks in Montreal can see the movie at AMC Forum 22, while those in Vancouver can see it at Cinemark Tinseltown on Pender Street. Toronto, of course, has it playing at the AMC Dundas Square.

wrestlemania in atlantic city

wmvHard to believe that 20 years ago, (April 2, 1989) Wrestlemania V was held in Atlantic City.  Seems like just yesterday that my sister and I cheered on Hulk Hogan to victory over then-champion Macho Man Randy Savage.  (Although truthfully I was also rooting for Savage because Hogan was such a do-gooder and for once it would be nice to see the bad guy win.)

The year before, Wrestlemania IV had also been held at Trump Plaza (in reality, it was Boardwalk Hall dressed up with Trump signage) and while my sister and I begged our father to take us, he said that tickets were impossible to get but promised if the World Wrestling Entertainment (back then known as World Wrestling Federation) ever came back to town, we would go.  Naturally, he never could have guessed that a year later, it was announced that Wrestlemania would be held in Atlantic City again.

True to his word – and probably with some regret – my father got three tickets to the show and took us to watch the nearly four hour event. My mother decided to sit this one out.

That of course set in motion my addiction to the “Super Bowl of Wrestling” which – even though the product is piss-poor these days – will have me watching this Sunday for Wrestlemania XXV.

Wrestlemania has never been held back-to-back in the same city and venue.  This little factoid is often overlooked when people talk about the history of Atlantic City and the Boardwalk Hall – which up until a few years ago was also the home of Miss America.

While I’m sure historians will continue to overlook this, for me it was awesome to have the biggest pro-wrestling event held (almost) right in my backyard.