the girl is back in town

Back in Toronto after a fun-filled weekend in Buffalo.  Yeah, I know some people have a hard time imagining that, but it’s true.  Some times it’s nice just to get away.  And this was one of those weekends.

I did some shopping – which I equate to doing my part to help stimulate the economy – and relaxed for three days.  Honestly, the grind of living in Toronto gets to me.  Be it the career, the people, the daily stress. Whatever you want to call it. (And I know you get that in any town.) It’s a great city, but I feel the need to get away every once in a while.

And is it wrong that I’m already planning my next weekend getaway?  Actually, I’m planning two of them.  One to Buffalo (probably towards the end of April) and another little excursion that I’ll fill in the details in the next week or so.

So no sooner than I unpack my bags, I’m already thinking about what I’ll be putting in them next time.


One comment

  1. “Stimulating the economy.” Those are the exact words I give my wife when I’m trying to purchase the needed equipment for my theatre. Can you talk to her? She doesn’t seem to understand!

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