checking in

Normally when I spend the weekend in Buffalo, I stay at one of those cost-effective motels – which I did do last night on account of pulling into town late. Not the motels you see on the news where the reporter says “well Tom, they found the hooker in the bathtub after the bullets starting flying…” but rather one the “economy” motels where you don’t have to spend too much.

The reason for that is because it doesn’t make sense to do Stateside shopping and then blow all the money you save on a hotel. But this time, I decided to splurge a little.

But it’s been a good month financially for me so I figured I would treat myself. On PR Marissa’s glowing recommendation, I booked a room at the Indigo Hotel in Amherst. Turns out the Indigo properties are owned by the folks at IHG who also own Holiday Inn, Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza and are something of a new age/spa concept hotel chain.


The lack of a bathtub was a little upsetting — I like to soak in a tub each night — but the indoor pool, on-site cafe, business center and fitness center more than made up for it.


Not to mention the room.


Ohhh… the room is wonderful. The pillows are a little too soft for my liking (I’m a “extra firm” type of girl) so I may have to take a stroll down to the front desk afterward and inquire about getting something. But everything else is bang-on amazing.

I’m off to explore more of the hotel — and of course to do some shopping.



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