in early

I strongly considered it and finally followed through. I left this evening and arrived in Buffalo – or rather the greater Buffalo area – a day earlier than I had planned. Yes folks, my long weekend just got longer!

Because of that, the hotel I had made reservations at didn’t have any rooms for tonight, so I’m hanging my hat in a surprisingly decent Motel 6. I remember staying here once or twice when it was a Marriott Fairfield Inn in a former life. It’s still a nice place.

The friend’s I’m traveling with – (they decided to come down for a weekend and I decided to tag along, but in my own car and room) – managed to get the room they wanted at “the other hotel” where I’ll be tomorrow night. (Except a blog post about that as I seem to be in the social media mood these days.)

My first thought, which turned out to be more of a pipe dream, was to hit up the Anchor Bar for some Buffalo wings. But sadly, by the time I would have driven all the way downtown they would be closing. (They’re only open late on weekends it turns out.)

The other downside to getting in late is that most large stores (such as Target and BestBuy) close at either 10pm or 11pm. So those places, like the mountain of Buffalo wings I’ve been craving, will have to wait until tomorrow. But the Walmart Supercenter on Transit Road is open 24 hours. And as luck would have it, that’s right down the road from here.


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