cp24 breakfast: what a train-wreck!

I’m sitting at my desk, watching a videotape (yes, people still use ’em) of the new CP24 morning show, imaginatively titled CP24 Breakfast. It competes directly against CityTV’s increasingly awful Breakfast Television and the national Canada AM (The Canadian equivalent to the Today show.)

This new “Breakfast” is downright terrible. Okay, maybe not terrible. But it needs some work.

cp24-breakfastMelissa Grelo, who has potential, seems nervous and off her mark.  But I’m sure there’s room for improvement. (She has demonstrated in the past she’s a professional so I’m sure it’s just first day jitters.)  It’s nice to see Nalini Sharma back in the mornings doing weather. (The woman always looks fabulous.  I don’t know what her secret is, but I wish I rolled out of bed looking that good.) And of course Ann Rohmer is a constant professional in everything she does.  It’s also nice to see her back in the morning. (She was host of Breakfast Television before Liza Fromer.)

But cheese n’ crackers, man… what were the suits at CP24 thinking when they chose Matte Babel has co-host of their new show? The guy looks and sounds unprofessional.  (What’s the deal with that hat? Thanks for dressing up, Matte.) He was never that great on MuchMusic and he’s even more puzzling as morning show host.

And we’re not talking Conan O’Brien circa 1993 bad when folks said “Oh give him time and he’ll get better.”  No. That’s not going to happen.  Babel has been on TV for years now and still hasn’t hit his stride. I doubt that suddenly something profound is going to happen and he’s going to turn into Kevin Frankish overnight.

Honestly, if you watched this train wreck and actually thought it was good and that everything flowed perfectly, then you’re probably the type of person who was inspired by your high school gym teacher.

I don’t like to be too critical of media folks because I know how hard it is to work in that profession.  But really, couldn’t CP24 have done things differently?

After watching this, unless some changes happen, it’s a safe bet that “Breakfast” is one meal I’ll be more than happy to miss.



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