iThink that iMight get an iPhone

I was wrong, okay?  Let’s just save the “I Told You So” Dance and let me explain.

iphoneWhen the Apple iPhone launched in Canada in 2008, I was one of the folks who got to see it up close and personal.  I was even offered an introductory deal on it if I wanted to keep it.  But I passed.

Sure, it’s a neat little device. And with all the applications (called “apps” by the cool kids) and features and ability to take notes like a Blackberry, the iPhone truly is an “everything phone”.

But one of the things that turned me off of the iPhone when it came out (both in the U.S. and Canada) was the fact that everyone had to have it.  Including Kevin Smith and Lindsay Lohan.  (Although the latter is good enough reason not to get one.) Sure, it does a lot of things, but would you really line up for hours outside just to get it?

Now, nearly a year later, I’ll be the first to admit I may have been wrong about a few things. When my friend insisted that I try an iPhone again before I passed final judgment on it, I realized that maybe I had been a tad harsh on it. But I’m a PC girl and I don’t like Rogers Communications — two things that stand in the way of my getting my own iPhone. (It was then pointed out to me that Fido also offers an iPhone package and while Fido is owned by Rogers, it wouldn’t say Rogers on my monthly bill, so that’s little peace of mind.)

Thing is, now I’ve done a 180 degree turn and would consider getting an iPhone of my own,I have a year and a half left on my current cell phone plan before I can either upgrade or leave the provider all together.   I’m currently with Bell Mobility and am the proud owner of a Samsung Instinct — known in some circles as an Apple Eater or iPhone Killer.

I guess it’s good because it gives me 18 months to really think about it.



  1. the circles that would call the Instinct an “iPhone Killer” would likely be quite small. from what i can figure Bell is practically giving the things away while Rogers/Fido are still charging a retarded amount of money and requiring you to sign your life away for three years.

    my main beef with the iPhone is the douchebag-hipster aura around all apple products, but honestly – the phone does kick ass and i use mine constantly. iPod, Phone, internet, email, useless applications and useful ones all in one pretty little package.

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