teena would be proud

shoesTeena, of the blog It’s All About Me, has often written about being healthy.  Be it cooking sensible meals, walking to work or having the commitment to go to the gym.  Me, I blog about eating Buffalo wings and how tight my skirt feels.

However, as of late I’ve been having a change of heart.  While I still enjoy the idea of blogging about what meals I’ll eat, it doesn’t hurt to do something that’s good for me as well.

So I’ve been walking.  A lot.

I have somehow forced myself to plan out smart meals for the week and to go on walks every night when I get home.  Sometimes I’ll even surprise myself and take a half-hour walk around lunch too.

That of course means investing in a good pair of running shoes.  Sadly, my “sneaks” (or whatever the cool kids call them these days) aren’t up to scratch.  I’ve been using the same pair for years.  But before you turn up your nose in disgust, keep in mind that they really don’t see the light of day that much.  In fact, for the longest time one shoe was used to hold things in place (similar to the way a Mötley Crüe greatest hits CD is simply used to even out unbalanced table legs) while the other shoe was used for hitting things.

But now the time has finally come to try the healthy road instead of the “exra mayo and large order of fries” road that has been a very comfortable and well traveled path for me.


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