have friends, will travel

People who follow me on Twitter have already seen mentions of my so-called “upcoming North American tour” that is supposed to go down this spring.

I’ve mentioned such bustling cities as Ottawa and Montreal with the possibility of New York City and of course a return home to Jersey being tossed in too.

In fact, my road trippin’ adventures get underway this weekend as I plan to shove off to Buffalo for a few days of somewhat work-related mirth and merriment.  But that’s only one of the stops on my so-called North American Tour.

I’ve been rather ambiguous about where else I’ll be going — hinting only that there are three “surprise cities” being added to my travel itinerary.  Truth is, I wanted to wait until I was 100% sure of what’s going on.

And now, I know. (And knowing is half the battle.)

Thanks largely in part to my ability to be a third wheel when it comes to friends who travel, I’ve latched myself on to a very exciting opportunity.  Two close friends are heading out this spring and I’m lucky enough to go along for ride. Nailing three places that I’ve always wanted to go to, but never had the chance — until now.

So where will I go?  How long will I be away?  Will I pack enough clean socks for my trip?

Here’s the skinny: (which when you consider one of the places I’m going, is a rather ironic word to use.)

  • All three cities are close enough to drive to (but not from Toronto)
  • They are all Wrestlemania host cities
  • All three are the biggest cities for their respective states
  • So yes, I will be visiting three separate states too

I guess you could say I’m still being a little vague about where I’m going, but I figure I’ll tease the idea for a little while longer before I officially make the announcement.  (You can also guess by leaving a comment.)

And yes, I will blog and “tweet” from the road.



  1. The Wrestlemania clue would give it away to pretty much everybody…except me. I’m familiar with Paul “Hulk” Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Bagpiper. Kidding. But yeah, I’m clueless when it comes to wrestling, but still excited to hear which cities you’ll hit.

  2. can i assume by the “wrestlemania” and “states” descriptions that none of your road trips will result in you driving to mississauga – the “happiest place on earth”?

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