the road to recovery

greenbeerWe all learned something yesterday.  And that is “I’m not as young or as able as I was ten years ago.”  Honestly though, my abilities to enjoy a good old fashioned pub crawl pale in comparison to my efforts from just five years ago.

Friends and colleagues donned green and took the streetcars and subways as we hit various pubs throughout the city.  Sadly, our whole 12 pubs in 12 hours thing didn’t work out too well.  Couple that with the whole “one pint, per pub” and you can understand why my friend’s couch seemed like a good place to head next by the time twilight rolled around.

Although to our credit, we did manage to visit eight pubs.  We started bright and early (at 11:00am sharp) on the west side at the Foggy Dew and worked our way eastward, with a slight detour north that allowed us to visit Mick E Fynn’s across from the old Maple Leaf Gardens.  However the place we went to last – sometime around 6:30 – a quiet little place in the Beaches on Queen Street East, was more of a “plenty of water/recovery” pub than another one of the list of green beer watering holes.

As much as I wish I could reclaim my youthful days of squeezing into my schoolgirl/St. Paddy’s day kilt (which by the way was a spur of the moment purchase back in 1996 and has nothing to do with actually attending a real Catholic private school) I realize now that I’m older, and probably not wiser as I seem to think I’m back in my twenties every time a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day rolls ’round.  Sadly, that’s just not the case.

So next year, when March 17th comes up, I can safely say that while I will enjoy a pint of green brew with friends, we certainly won’t be crawling our way around town again.



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