notice anything different?

Yeah, I figured in keeping with the whole “getting started early” thing and getting caught up in the rush of St. Patrick’s Day which falls on Tuesday, I would give my site a slight makeover.

In case you still haven’t figured it out — which means you don’t notice the little things in life or you are one of those people who REALLY got started early — the banner has been changed from it’s normal colors and font is now green.

I chalk it up to doing my part the way the city of Montreal paints the dividing line on Saint. Catherine’s Street green for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  After all, I already have the red hair, so I just blend in with everyone else who decides that tomorrow, everybody’s Irish! Even comedy writers the Shark Guys have fail safe tips for getting into the St Paddy’s Day spirit.

The normal site layout will return once the green beer is gone and the headaches have subsided.

UPDATE: The normal layout has returned now, but traces of green beer and hangovers still remain.  Will update soon.


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