got started early

With such nice weather on Sunday, a few friends and I decided to get an early start on the whole green beer at a local Irish pub thing.  Even though the real St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, I figured I would give St. PRACTICE Day a shot.

As the luck of the Irish would have it, Pogue Mahone Irish Pub on College Street was making merry with revelers from the nearby Yonge Street St. Paddy’s Day parade, so we stopped in for a lunch a (few) pint(s).


Much to my disappointment, the majority of the idiots people in the pub didn’t have green beer.  And they call themselves party-goers.  How can something like this happen?  It’s not as if the bar wasn’t obliging those who asked for it.

Seriously.  Anyway, it’s not as if green beer is a mystery or anything.  Five drops of food coloring will change any blonde pint into a green brew that would make Saint Patrick himself proud.

Except for this sorry excuse for a second round where the bartender seemed to mistake me for one of the boring people and only slightly tinted my beer.


But all in all, it was a good day – and it got us in the spirit for Tuesday, which as luck would have it, will be very above seasonal which makes for perfect pub crawling weather.



  1. Haha! The only thing worse than the servers at Pogues are the bartenders! And maybe some people don’t want to drink food colouring, even if it fun! I know I don’t! I’d drink a really good authentic lime margarita though for St. Practice Day…

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