sweet home chicago?

You can add the City of Chicago to the list of places I would consider moving to if the opportunity ever came up. (But no, to crush any rumors and to make sure friends and family don’t have heart palpitations when they read this, I am not planning on moving any time soon.)

I was having a late-night discussion with a friend the other day about what places we would live if we ever had to move away from Toronto to start something fresh.  Naturally, back home to Jersey was my first vote.  And of course Ottawa, which I loved living in back in the summer of 1997 – albeit for only six months.

But after having visited The Windy City – and loving every minute of it – and having seen some of the neighborhoods (NOT the South Side) the possibility of calling Chicago home is not so far-fetched.


Lincoln Park is a really nice part of town and probably the area I would want to live in.  Not too far from the downtown, accessible by L-Train with nice people, lots of nice restaurants, local supermarkets and even a White Castle a few miles away.  And it’s right down the road from Wrigley Field.  So I guess I’d be a Cubs fan.

At 34 years old, I’m not sure if I have it in me to start something new in a new city.  But often times, people do make that choice – and it’s a lot more hectic for them later on in life because it’s not always something they want to do.

Problem is the newspapers in Chicago aren’t doing so well these days.  And journalism is my bread and butter – although I have been in a digital newsroom (editing on-line features) as of late and I do rely heavily on freelance work too, so I guess things could be worse.

And I know that one day I probably will have to settle down, so why not take advantage of being young enough and not tied down to anyone or anything at the moment? Do you see the conflicting thoughts in my head these days?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Toronto a lot.  (Even with all the problems)  The city has been good to me and I know I would miss it.  But I’m also a writer – and the in the heart of a writer lies the spirit of a traveler.



  1. You’re right…absolutely incredible…

    Beautiful architecture, successful sports teams (the Cubs notwithstanding) and great pizza…three things you can’t say about TO.

    Wicker Park is also lovely…

    And it’s way more affordable than NYC (and less crazed, but still with a big-city feel)

  2. Chicago is a fabulous city! I love it as well. I’ve only sold one photograph over the 2 years I’ve had photos online – and it was a Chicago cityscape.

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