watchmen was great

Despite a rather large turnout, we managed to get in to see the midnight screening of Watchmen last night.  And we had excellent seats. (Always a bonus when seeing a movie in a crowded theater.)


I personally loved it. Certain scenes were shot-for-shot right out of the comic itself.  But I’m someone who has read the graphic novel and has been a fan of the series, so for me it was what I expected it to be.  But to someone who has never heard of the Watchmen and figured they will see the movie for fun, that’s a different story.


I hate to side with critics out there, but if you haven’t read the graphic novel or aren’t an open minded geek, you will most likely be either bored or confused or both.  That of course will probably hurt the film’s chances of getting the mainstream recognition it deserves.


Visually, the film is a masterpiece.  Story-wise, it’s dead-on — and that’s only with the theatrical release.  Warner Bros is already planning a 191 minute director’s cut for release some time in July.


Now I can just enjoy the rest of my Friday — which had a rough start on account of only getting a few hours sleep after getting home at 3-something in the morning.  (A nearly three hour movie will have that effect on people.)

But since the weather is nice, I might as well make the most of it.

(Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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