late night with jimmy fallon night #2

jimmy-fallonJust finished watching the second episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I have to say I’m really impressed. (I couldn’t sleep and besides, I wanted to see how the second night would play out.)  Tonight’s show was leaps and bounds ahead of the first show.

Fallon seemed much more relaxed and in his element. Even his comedy bits (a short one poking fun of Facebook status updates) went over pretty well. And watching him chat with guests Tina Fey and Jon Bon Jovi, he looked right at home.

I’m glad to see things working out for Jimmy.  As I said in my take of the first show, he seems like a nice guy and he truly believes in the show he’s doing, so to be fair everyone should give him a chance.

And let’s not forget, it took how many years before America warmed up to Conan when he first started?  I’d say Jimmy already has the potentinal, he just needs to keep bringing his A-Game and make the show his own.


One comment

  1. Conan took a while for folks to warm up to him, but he was undoubtedly talented and was partly responsible for the best years of the Simpsons as a staff writer…

    That’s a lot more impressive than starring in SNL sketches that not only bombed, but went on forever just to make it more painful.

    I’m more than willing to give him a shot, though…I mean, he can’t possibly be more unfunny than Leno can he?

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