i’ve got to get out of this place

I’ve never been one of those people who complains about the winter to the point that I actually go as far as to book a flight and haul my ass out of town for Spring Break before — but I’m seriously thinking about it this year.

Having worked in newsrooms and covered the “local” beat a few times, I’ve witnessed the legion of morons people who all book their Spring Break vacations at the same time and then end up sitting around Pearson International waiting for flights that are inexplicably overbooked, canceled, delayed, whatever.  All because they just had to leave Toronto and get away from the winter weather.

I used to laugh at these people.  In fact, I still do.  If you want a good laugh yourself, wait until March Break this year (I believe it’s March 14 until the 21st) and watch the news as some reporter will have be assigned the duty of covering the long lines of happy-go-lucky Ontario-folk who are waiting endlessly for their getaway.

Normally I would never even consider the idea of tying to getaway for a week of fun in the sun, but there’s just something about this year that has me thinking “You know…it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Fort Lauderdale…

Problem is right now anyone booking a trip runs the risk of ending up in those lines at the airport, but I also look at it as maybe the ends justify the means.



  1. The news around here are busy falling over each other doing stories on local college students not going south for spring break due to the economy. The toughest stories are on those whose parents have lost jobs in the past few months.

    I like the snow. Was outside a good part of Monday during the little snow storm.

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