late night with jimmy fallon

jimmyfallonI figured in all fairness, I would sit down and give the new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a shot.  Without even watching it, I knew what to expect.  I’ve never been the world’s biggest Jimmy Fallon fan.  In fact, I think I stopped drinking Pepsi for a while when those annoying commercials with him and Parker Posey were all over the place.  But he seems like a alright guy, so I figured what the hell — I’ve watched worse things at twelve thirty in the morning.

After all, I said I wanted to be fair.  The same way I did for Conan O’Brien when he first started.  And I must say, while Fallon was up to his usual tricks and trademarks – a little jumpy and nervous – he did a pretty good job.

The show was slick and polished looking and had a drastically different feel than Conan’s version did.  And bringing out Van Morrison and Robert DeNiro as guests was a nice touch too.  I could have done without Justin Timberlake though.  (And it was nice to see Conan make a quick appearance as a symbolic passing of the torch, the way Letterman did for  him 16 years ago.)

In my old age of 34, I don’t know honestly know if I can do the whole ‘late night’ thing anymore.  In college is was one thing, but now, I’m thankfully that God invented PVRs.  But it will be interesting to see what Fallon does with the show from this point forward.  And of course to see what Conan will do with Tonight Show.



  1. Sorry but I fell asleep.

    Maybe if he got a jump start on SNL and brought on both Jindal and The Intern (from 30 Rock). I’d overload on caffeine to see that.

  2. God pretty much invented everything right? Even Jimmy Fallon. You’re technically way ahead of me there. I claim to love that kind of stuff, but I don’t even have a PVR/DVR. I have to disagree with you on those Pepsi commercials though – sorry. Please don’t hurt me. I absolutely loved them, but not necessarily because of ol’ Jimmy.

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