ann coulter is what’s wrong with america

I had the misfortune to catch a few clips from the recent CPAC where right-wing nut-job Ann Coulter took the opportunity to turn her speech into a one-woman comedy show taking shots at the president and the Democrats.

I don’t want to turn this into a political rant or anything – you can read the article and see for yourself – but I honestly believe that people like Coulter are what’s wrong with America.   She will say anything just to keep her name in the press, even at the expense of the President who is trying to fix the mess we’re all in after the last eight years.

It’s cheap-shots and in-fighting that create animosity between Republicans and Democrats.  Can’t someone just have political beliefs without being made fun of or insulting someone else?

Instead of just shutting her mouth and respecting the President as every American who loves their should (Lord knows I was NOT a fan of George W Bush, but there was still respect for him and title he held)  there’s Coulter stirring the pot and hoping to sell more of her propaganda books.

For a good laugh, watch how she gets her ass owned by the CBC during an interview.



  1. Thanks for posting your thoughts and thank you for sharing that video. You can see just how dumb Coulter is by the way she tries to back up her b.s.!

  2. I’m a Republican and even I think that Ms. Coulter is just too far right wing for what our country needs right now. I agree with you about respect for the President. I don’t like Mr. Obama, but he is our President for at least the next four years, so everyone needs to get along and fix what’s wrong with the USA.

  3. Ann Coulter is bitter and wrong about many things. She seems smart enough to be able to contribute something constructive but she’s so busy trying to get the attention she never got in high school that she misses the point in providing political commentary. If that horn-toad Rupert Murdoch ever dies, her ability to get that attention will disappear.

    What I really want to see is a debate between mann coulter and sarah palin. I’ll even provide the jell-o.

  4. The GOP loves Ann Coulter because she’s mildly good-looking and she says the stupid things they want to hear. But really she just says things so that Republicans will like her and buy her books. She’s a half-wit in a skirt.

  5. She just wants to start trouble. Nothing more than someone looking for attention. I just wait for the day that she’s too old and ugly for the old men in the republican party to find her sexy.

  6. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I. can’t. stop. laughing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just like she can’t stop arguing. And Sauer Kraut… that is one top-notch hilf*ckingarious idea.

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