it’s not delivery – and it’s not fooling anyone

With nothing better to do the other night and still on the road to recovery, I decided I would finally put to test that long standing slogan from Kraft for their Delissio frozen pizza (Known as DiGiorno pizza in the United States)  The promise they make in their annoying commercials isit’s not delivery it’s Deslissio/DiGiorno“. Meaning of course that you as a pizza connoisseur, will not be able to tell the difference between the stuff Pizza Hut brings to your door, and the frozen pie Kraft offers you.

I always figured if this claim is true, then you, as a legally retarded person, think reality shows are real, professional wrestling is a sport, are shocked every time Darth Vader tells Luke “I am your father” and believe that Sarah Palin was a good choice for the Republican party.

After all, I was born and raised in New Jersey – and there’s one thing Jersey Girls know,it’s pizza.

A trip to the grocery store and seven dollars later, my pizza had “arrived.” Please note the triangle hole in the box showcasing all the meat you will find on the 3 Meat Pizza.  (Yes, because nothing says “butcher-fresh goodness” like shrink-wrapped mini meatballs and half a sausage slice.)

delissio pizza

So my “at home” adventure begins. I preheat the oven and remove the Delissio pizza from its box.  I kept thinking that maybe I should ring the doorbell, just for effect.  (I was saddened to learn the box does not open with a flip-top the way a real pizza delivery box as seen in the commercials.)

delissio pizza

In the oven the pizza goes, cooking for some astronomical amount of time in which I probably could have ordered pizza from various pizza places and had the steaming hot pies arrive and eaten them before the only-slightly-larger-than-a-dinner-plate pizza in my oven was ready.


After what seems like forever, the pizza is finally cooked…


Okay, I’ll say this much about it;  it wasn’t bad at all.  Consider that I paid less than $10 for it, I was only cooking for myself and I honestly didn’t feel like doing the whole delivery thing, Delissio scores “above average” in my books. Then again, I really haven’t had frozen pizza since I was a starving student back in 1995, so my basis for comparison is a cross between “limited” and “fuzzy”.  Still, Delissio was better than I remember most frozen pizzas being.

Would I get it again? It’s fair to say that I would. Did I start a fight with my fellow Italian stereotypes over their stubborn refusal to believe it’s not delivery or let some nerdy kid dressed up as a pizza guy into my swank party because he made me think that some frozen pie was actually from a real pizzeria?  No.



  1. I tried it once with my husband and we thought it was pretty good. Not as good as some take-out places, but good enough that we would probably get it again.

  2. A good pizza in Toronto is hard to find? I don’t think so.

    There are a lot of good local pizza places here and there that make good pizza. There is a place near me that is called Primo Pizza. This place has changed hands a few times, and has dropped in quality over the last few years, but still is better than any of the chains.

    But some of the best pizza comes from Mom & Pop shops that aren’t affiliated with any large chains.

    Pizzaolo and Amato’s are two chain pizza chains that only have a few stores, but again, if you talking about their slices, or their full pizzas, still much better than your chains like Pizza Pizza, 2-for-1, Double-Double. Granted their quality has gone down since they first opened. But they are still pretty good.

    It’s just a pity that one of the Pizzaolo’s burnt down on Queen Street West. I miss going down at 2 in the morning for a full sized pie for $13.

    But if you are looking for a fresh slice, Big Slice has always been my first choice.

    Personally, for chain pizzerias, I’ve always been a fan of Pizza Nova. Their quality has never really suffered through the years like Pizza Pizza. Also, Pizzaville I haven’t tried in a while, but with their specialty pizzas like the Smoked Gouda Chicken pizza… I’d wouldn’t mind giving them another go.

    As for Pizzeria Liberetto, I would hope they have a good pizza. It looks like a gourmet pizzeria. It reminds me of a couple of pizzerias that were in Toronto a while ago, but have long since disappeared. I think the place was called Wild Pizza? There was one downtown on Bloor near Bathurst, and another one up on Woodbine by 14th Ave. (Richmond Hill) — Those guys had rocking pizzas.

    Damn, now I’m hungry… anyone want to go for a slice?


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