clean bill of health

So yesterday I did what I had to do in order to get the bottom of my “mysterious illness”:  I went to the doctor and discovered that I’m not actually dying. (From what I was told, I’m actually far from it – although it wouldn’t hurt if I got into better shape and maybe added more vegetables to my diet.)

Turns out I have Vertigo – a very common occurrence that follows flu-like illness and has something to do a viral infection. I honestly kinda tuned out after I heard what I wanted to hear and found out that I wasn’t suffering from some incurable disease.

What I have to do now is to continue to get as much rest as possible, not to overexert myself with work or other things that could cause strain and to just wait it out.  The final remaining traces of Vertigo should clear up before the end of next week.

I never saw myself as one who overreacts when it comes to illness and automatically thinks the worst, but having a reoccurring dizzy sensation can sometimes play tricks on your mind.



  1. Vertigo? Whew. That’s good… I suppose. I’ve had vertigo a couple of times and it’s NOT nice – I’d rather be hunched over the ol’ throne tossing my cookies any day. Speaking of cookies, I really like tea biscuits.

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