conan o’brien’s last show

conan-logoDespite still feeling a little under the weather thanks in part to one of the strangest colds I’ve ever had, I managed to stay awake and watched Conan O’Brien’s last run as host of Late Night.  Gotta say, it was pretty good.  Mostly what I expected it to be – the same silly humor that has made Conan a hit with viewers for the past 16 years and a few humble and touching moments at the end where he thanked everyone who helped him along the way.

I remember watching the first episode he did when he took over the show from David Letterman back in 1993.  I was sure he wasn’t going to last.  He was awkward and nerdy and didn’t really seem to fit in at all.  I remember thinking that even his then co-host Andy Richter would make for a better host.

But much to his credit, Conan made the show his own – as I’m sure he will do when he moves to Los Angeles in the summer and takes over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno.

As far as Jimmy Fallon taking over as new host of Late Night, I gotta say that I have my doubts — but then again, I felt the same way 16 years ago too.  And look where I was last night: sitting my ass down in front of the TV to watch the guy I thought would never last do his final show.



  1. I get to watch Conan’s reruns after work at 4 am on NBC, so at least I’ve seen alot of it. He’s really good at silly. I still have trouble figuring out how he’ll survive in CA.- tough to picture…

    I’m gonna miss Leno- n I still miss Johnny Carson! I always wanted to be on the Tonight Show.

    I finally made it here-

  2. The last show was really good. I was expecting more emotion, but then again, he’s not retiring for good… just moving on to another show.

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