Just saying Hi

Hey kiddies… this might be my last post for a few days. I’ve got a major work-load coming up, some deadlines I’ve been neglecting as well as a business trip with some other freelance writers. Nothing amazing, honest… but if anyone decides to run through the convention naked, I’ll be sure to snap some pictures.

Maybe I’ll manage to squeeze in another post tonight or tomorrow, but I just want to cover my ass in case I don’t. We’ve all seen how my track record holds up when I say I’ll come back and post later on in the day, but either forget to do so, or just lose interest in the idea all together. Yesterday’s update is a darn good example of that.

So just in case for some strange reason I don’t find the time to log in and share my thoughts, I’m wishing all of you in the States a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend – and yes, I finally plan to see Revenge of the Sith this weekend.


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