What is love?

A colleague of mine got in a car accident at the start of this year and only now, the other person involved (who is nothing more than a dirty son of a bitch, by the way) is sending a lawyer’s letter, asking for damages and such. This is a low-down game, but since I know the situation, I’m not surprised the person would try something like this. (I can’t really go into details. Legal stuff, you know)

But what seems to be the only comfort right now to my friend the fact that he has his wife close by his side. Naturally, when he phoned her and told her he’d received the lawyer’s letter today, she reacted the way any person would, but she was supportive and made him feel safe and secure.

That’s where things are different for me. I have nobody else in my house to turn to. The closest family I have is 600 miles away. I have friends and friends of friends, but that circle is limited (due to my “trust factor”) and those who are in the circle have their own problems and don’t need mine as well. The most they can offer up is a comforting shoulder to cry on if needed.

But when trust and understanding comes from someone you love who is close to you, that’s when you feel safe. Whatever happens to my colleague in this situation, his “better half” will be standing by his side.

Other times, they’re just angry that the whole situation even happened in the first place. But once the dust settles and things get back to normal, real love is always there. Reminds me of something my grandmother used to say… “I may be mad right now, but I’ll always love you.”


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