Not-so Must See TV

The fat-cats down in TV world have announced their fall line-ups just as May Sweeps is ending and we’re all about to go off on summer vacation. This doesn’t really rock my world too much seeing as I don’t watch TV really, with the exception of Family Guy, Simpsons and whatever seems to be interesting on Food Network and HGTV.

However, I was going over the list and here are a few shows that won’t be coming back in the 2005/2006 season. 8 Simple Rules, Jack & Bobby (I’m surprised it took as long as it did to axe that one) American Dreams, Star Trek: Enterprise, Eyes, LAX (finally NBC has killed this one off for good! Better luck next time, Heather!)and  Third Watch (moving it to Friday nights was a death-blow) And these shows, that if you watched them, you must have been the only one… Life on a Stick, Medical Investigation, My Wife and Kids, North Shore, Point Pleasant and Summerland

In a surprise move, probably due to the fact that NBC doesn’t have much going for it right now, Joey will be coming back for another year. Charmed, Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy and Kevin Hill are all still undecided as far as being killed off or being brought back as mid-season filler. So far, none of those shows are on their networks fall line-up.

Oh… and just for fun…

None of Jennifer Whorepez’s movies have ever placed in the IMDb’s Top 100, but her films have placed in the Bottom 100. She is also seen as one of the worst actresses of all time, according to many sites.


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