I’m lovin’ it

I just got home and I stink like burgers. Today is of course McHappy Day across Canada which means all proceeds from this year’s McHappy Day will benefit local children’s charities. One dollar from every McMuffin, Big Mac or Happy Meal will be donated to the restaurant’s charity of choice. Trust me, I know that by heart now – I’ve been repeating it all day long!

So I was doing my part with a few other local celebrities, sports personalities and media folk flipping burgers and ringing up orders at a local Mickey D’s. I met some pretty nice people and did some good today. Thanks to everyone who showed up and donated either their time and/or money for a very worth-while cause.

I’m still doing the diet thing so I had to pass on trying the “sandwiches” (Yes, according to the McDonald’s folk, they are called sandwiches and not burgers) But so I could feel that my money was going to help someone, I bought a sandwich for a friend of mine – who actually ate two!


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