Mid afternoon

Well what started out as a beautiful day with a high of 26°C(72°F)has turned into a big puddle of crap. Anyone who knows me, knows I love an over-cast day as much as the next person, but honestly… Pick one or the other. If it’s going to be sunny and warm, then stay that way. If it’s going to look like Vancouver or Seattle then so be it. But don’t start off with nice sunny weather and go all to hell by mid afternoon.

Not that is has anything to do with the weather, but… I’ve been giving a lot of thought to starting up with badminton again. I played it in college, then when I moved back to Montreal in 1998, but ever since moving to Toronto in 2002, I’m more or less given it up.

I honestly did make a go of it back in the fall when I first got here, but by Christmas I has lost interest again. Mainly due to the fact that badminton is just not as cool for some people as squash or racquetball. (both of which I think suck) If you know of any arenas offering badminton, please let me know.


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