Is Paris burning

I’m very disappointed with all of you out there. Well, not everyone. But the numb-brained dumb-asses that actually paid to see Stupid Spoiled Whore (aka Paris Hilton) in that new House of Wax. And don’t lie to me and tell me you snuck in without paying, or that your friend got you tickets or that you just wanted to see Paris get killed on screen. Thanks to you that film was number two at the box office and pulled in 12.2 million bucks.  Now producers will think putting Hilton in a movie is a good idea. Good job, assclowns!

You want to see Paris really die? Here’s an idea. Don’t watch her movies. Don’t watch her show. Don’t pay attention to her. That’s the best way to kill someone off. Just ask Joe Piscopo, Pauly Shore or Kato Kaelin.

There is no reason for her to be popular. I used to see many slutty girls in high school and none of them went on to become famous because of their bedroom antics. There’s also no need for someone who stands in inherit the Hilton hotel company to be making 12 million bucks a film.

Am I bitter? Not at all. Maybe if I had more guys inside me than New York City’s number 6 train at rush hour, made a sex video and then got a role in a crappy movie – yet somehow missed out on the 12 million dollars, then I might be a little bit pissed off. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… we already have too many wannabes and nobodies hogging all the media attention. We don’t need anymore.


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