How do you sleep with an angel?

I’ve been meaning to actually sit down and watch Angles in America. I keep seeing the promos for it on Showcase, but honestly between work, trying to have a social life and the fact that I can think of about 10 other things I’d rather watch, I haven’t had any luck seeing the show.

I haven’t even been bothered to program the VCR. Probably due to the fact that I hardly use my VCR and I don’t want to eject a tape months from now, only to ask myself why I bothered to record a program featuring an old looking Al Pacino and an even older-looking Meryl Streep.

So why have I been meaning to watch the show? Because anyone I talk to says it’s so wonderful and it could very well be the best TV movie HBO ever made. These are the same people that also swear Desperate Housewives is a masterpiece too and so far, I can’t bring myself to numb my brain long enough to sit through an episode of that either.

If nothing else, the drawing power of Angels could be – as my friend put it – “Emma Thompson looks hot and very do-able!” I’m sure an Oscar winning actress can rest happy knowing that with long flowing hair and an almost see-through gown, she looks “do-able”. Not really my cup of tea, but as far as angels go, I guess she’s the most “do-able” one I’ve seen. Naturally, my friend also had to add his two cents asking “I wonder what underwear she was wearing when she did those scenes.”

Now I really don’t want to watch.


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