Mug shot!

You all remember my co-worker Bill? Bill’s the guy who I work with who has a nice pair of shoes and his wife baked me a batch of cupcakes last year. Anyway, Bill strikes again. This time, instead of bringing me food, he has brought me this…

A new 7-Eleven travel mug! I know, it’s from 7-Eleven and Bill makes no bones about the fact that anyone who’s ever bought a Slurpee will know how much he paid for it, but that’s not why he got it for me. Bill knows two things about me that made his purchase a smart one.

1) I have recently switched from Starbucks lattes to French Vanilla (Fake) Cappuccinos from 7-Eleven

2) Despite being only one person, with only two mug holders in my one car, I have a rather impressive collection of travel mugs.

Not to mention the fact that I only have two hands, two arms, one mouth and the last time I checked, the amazing ability to only drink one beverage at a time – I still love getting a new travel mug. There’s just something so cool about it. (Or warm about it, depending what you put inside. Ha! Baaaaaad joke… but feel free to use it.)

I swear, sometimes I think Bill (like most of my co-workers) knows me better than I know myself. Well. Maybe not. He doesn’t know what color underwear I’m wearing today. Oh wait. Nevermind. I lean over my keyboard when I type and I have on those tan pants that ride down, so there’s a good chance he does in fact know what color my underwear are. Crap.

Um, where was I? Oh yes. Bill. Travel mug. 7-Eleven. Black underwear.

So now I have my new mug and according to the sign at the 7-Eleven, refills up to one liter (that’s “one quart” for those who don’t believe in the witch-craft known as the Metric system) for just a $1.17! Oh happy day.

This now means my Dynamite mug and my Starbucks mug will be retired. One Dynamite travel mug is being used as a pen/pencil holder on my desk at home. Any ideas for the other ones? What possible destiny awaits them? Your ideas – and gifts of future travel mugs – are always welcome.


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