Bob Hunter 1941-2005

For many Toronto folks, the name Bob Hunter brings to mind images of a friendly man, sitting in his bathrobe, sifting through the daily papers, offering his opinion on the day’s headlines and sharing his thoughts with the viewers at home. This in fact was Bob’s on-camera role as a part of Citytv’s Breakfast Television.

But Bob was more than familiar face on TV. He was also a co-founder of Greenpeace, an eco-warrior and a published author. A few years back he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He kept fighting both for what he believed in and for his health, but in the end, the illness proved to be too much. He was 63.

His life was anything but dull. From putting himself between massive whaling and seal-hunting ships, to taking on big corporations, Bob always kept busy helping those who needed him – and speaking for those without a voice.

I for one, only ever knew Bob as a face on TV, but over the last few years, I learned of all the amazing things he’s done. And I know that his legacy will live on. Toronto TV viewers have lost an icon. Mother Nature has lost a friend.


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