Under my covers

I treated myself to new sheets, new pillows and a new comforter this weekend. I felt it was long over-due and since I have been neglecting the bedroom when it comes to home makeovers, I felt a shot of life in the linen department wouldn’t hurt.

Shopping for anything bed-related always reminds me of those commercials you see on American local networks for local businesses where the “company president” or owner feels the need to star in the ad himself. As if that’s going to be a huge selling point or something. It’s always for a furniture store or car dealership or sometimes a restaurant.

I could never understand how bad acting translates to a good deal when buying new sheets or a mattress, but I guess it works for them. Maybe it shows honesty. Something along the lines of “I’m so honest that I’ll come on camera with no acting lessons at all, just to show you what a down to earth guy I am. Then you’ll want to buy something from me.”

Be that as it may, the people I bought my new linens from (Bed, Bath & Beyond) spend enough money on their ads as it is – and it shows in their prices too. But at least I had a good night’s rest. How was your weekend?


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