Month: May 2005

Just saying Hi

Hey kiddies… this might be my last post for a few days. I’ve got a major work-load coming up, some deadlines I’ve been neglecting as well as a business trip with some other freelance writers. Nothing amazing, honest… but if anyone decides to run through the convention naked, I’ll be sure to snap some pictures.

Maybe I’ll manage to squeeze in another post tonight or tomorrow, but I just want to cover my ass in case I don’t. We’ve all seen how my track record holds up when I say I’ll come back and post later on in the day, but either forget to do so, or just lose interest in the idea all together. Yesterday’s update is a darn good example of that.

So just in case for some strange reason I don’t find the time to log in and share my thoughts, I’m wishing all of you in the States a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend – and yes, I finally plan to see Revenge of the Sith this weekend.


Back to work

It was a well-rested and much enjoyed long weekend in the Great White North, so that’s why there was no update yesterday. I guess I could have done one now that I think about it, but I just felt like goofing off and taking it easy – and I didn’t really have anything creative to say for that matter.

Today’s quick update is just to tide you over (in case for some reason you might have missed my daily banter) I have a zillion things to do and just not enough time to do them, so while I chug a latte for breakfast and hop in my car, head to the newsroom and do something that comes close to work, know that I’ll be thinking of all of you and how I should have spent a little more time writing this.

I promise I’ll try harder later on.

Damn, I just spilled latte on my skirt. See what I do for you people?

Weekend quickie

I hope all Canadians are enjoying the long weekend! Have a happy and safe Victoria Day. Next weekend, Americans get to do their thing with Memorial Day. For me, it’s a non-stop party I guess.

Play safe!

What is love?

A colleague of mine got in a car accident at the start of this year and only now, the other person involved (who is nothing more than a dirty son of a bitch, by the way) is sending a lawyer’s letter, asking for damages and such. This is a low-down game, but since I know the situation, I’m not surprised the person would try something like this. (I can’t really go into details. Legal stuff, you know)

But what seems to be the only comfort right now to my friend the fact that he has his wife close by his side. Naturally, when he phoned her and told her he’d received the lawyer’s letter today, she reacted the way any person would, but she was supportive and made him feel safe and secure.

That’s where things are different for me. I have nobody else in my house to turn to. The closest family I have is 600 miles away. I have friends and friends of friends, but that circle is limited (due to my “trust factor”) and those who are in the circle have their own problems and don’t need mine as well. The most they can offer up is a comforting shoulder to cry on if needed.

But when trust and understanding comes from someone you love who is close to you, that’s when you feel safe. Whatever happens to my colleague in this situation, his “better half” will be standing by his side.

Other times, they’re just angry that the whole situation even happened in the first place. But once the dust settles and things get back to normal, real love is always there. Reminds me of something my grandmother used to say… “I may be mad right now, but I’ll always love you.”

Not-so Must See TV

The fat-cats down in TV world have announced their fall line-ups just as May Sweeps is ending and we’re all about to go off on summer vacation. This doesn’t really rock my world too much seeing as I don’t watch TV really, with the exception of Family Guy, Simpsons and whatever seems to be interesting on Food Network and HGTV.

However, I was going over the list and here are a few shows that won’t be coming back in the 2005/2006 season. 8 Simple Rules, Jack & Bobby (I’m surprised it took as long as it did to axe that one) American Dreams, Star Trek: Enterprise, Eyes, LAX (finally NBC has killed this one off for good! Better luck next time, Heather!)and  Third Watch (moving it to Friday nights was a death-blow) And these shows, that if you watched them, you must have been the only one… Life on a Stick, Medical Investigation, My Wife and Kids, North Shore, Point Pleasant and Summerland

In a surprise move, probably due to the fact that NBC doesn’t have much going for it right now, Joey will be coming back for another year. Charmed, Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy and Kevin Hill are all still undecided as far as being killed off or being brought back as mid-season filler. So far, none of those shows are on their networks fall line-up.

Oh… and just for fun…

None of Jennifer Whorepez’s movies have ever placed in the IMDb’s Top 100, but her films have placed in the Bottom 100. She is also seen as one of the worst actresses of all time, according to many sites.

I’m lovin’ it

I just got home and I stink like burgers. Today is of course McHappy Day across Canada which means all proceeds from this year’s McHappy Day will benefit local children’s charities. One dollar from every McMuffin, Big Mac or Happy Meal will be donated to the restaurant’s charity of choice. Trust me, I know that by heart now – I’ve been repeating it all day long!

So I was doing my part with a few other local celebrities, sports personalities and media folk flipping burgers and ringing up orders at a local Mickey D’s. I met some pretty nice people and did some good today. Thanks to everyone who showed up and donated either their time and/or money for a very worth-while cause.

I’m still doing the diet thing so I had to pass on trying the “sandwiches” (Yes, according to the McDonald’s folk, they are called sandwiches and not burgers) But so I could feel that my money was going to help someone, I bought a sandwich for a friend of mine – who actually ate two!

One small victory for Zoey…

Bell Mobility, the cell phone provider I have a never-ending, iron-clad contract with, finally decided to give me my rebate I’ve been waiting nearly six months for. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt that sooner or later they’d get around to giving me my credit, but as the snow melted and the birds started chirping again, I felt that maybe I should be the one to give them a call and a little reminder.

I was actually gearing-up for a big fight over the phone with some poor un-suspecting costumer service clown, but as it turned out, I didn’t need to. They took my call and right away when I explained my situation, gave me my credit. Yay for money!

But even though everything went well, I still have to gloat about it. So… for those keeping score at home, it’s now Zoey… 1, Cell Phone Company…0

Let’s see, what else is on my mind as I start planning for the May Long Weekends (yes, both of them) and “unofficial” kick-off to summer? Not much really. I’m getting my new bedroom set next week and I’m getting my new Beetle next month. That’s about it for now…