Spring cleaning has begun

So I purged about 1GB of crap from my computer yesterday. (Just what is a “GB”, you might be asking? For the Computer Dumb-asses like myself, 1 GB is 1 gigabyte, which equals 1,024 megabytes. Or, for the real technical people out there, 1,073,741,824 normal Bytes are equal to 1 Gigabyte. Which, when you bottom line it, is a lot of stuff.)

It was my way of unofficially starting my spring cleaning. How can one person have 1GB of junk worth throwing out on a computer? It’s easy. There are two simple steps I’ll share with you. 1)Get high speed internet. 2)Download anything and everything you can.

But now, after transferring pictures, files and songs to CDs for storage, everything else that was deemed useless (such as a downloaded copy of the dancing fat guying) went into the Desktop Recycle Bin. Did you know that after 200 items, it no longer asks you “Do you wish to delete the 200 items in your Recycle Bin?” but rather just says “Do you wish to delete all the items in your Recycle Bin?” I took this as a hint that there was too much crap and the deleting was a necessary evil.

I don’t know why I felt the need to keep so much on my hard drive. After losing all my work back in 1992, I learned to back everything up on those small plastic “floppy” discs. And now with the speed of a CD-writer, there’s no reason not to back stuff up. I guess I’m just lazy and I like having everything at my finger tips, rather than having to put a disc in a drive and go looking for a file.

That being said and done, my spring cleaning is underway, so watch out ugly, old ‘n busted crap, your days around my house (and my computer) are numbered.


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