Another lackluster day

I feel I’m totally letting everyone down. It’s one of those weeks where I’m in a total slump and I’m letting my journal or diary or blog or whatever you want to call this thing, fall by the wayside. Normally I’d have some cool and interesting things to tell you, but frankly, I can’t even think of stuff to make-up at this point.

It’s not that my life is totally dull – it’s just that this week is not as exciting for me as others have been, yet ironically enough there’s been so much going on.

Aside from all the talk about the new Pope, let’s focus on a few things locally. There’s a good chance I’ll be selling a few short stories to a couple magazines. I’ve lost almost four pounds. And despite all the beer-fueled mayhem from last time, I’ve been invited back to the Media Lounge at the Stadium Formerly Known as SkyDome for a Blue Jays game tonight. It’s not like I’m strapped for things to write about. It’s just I don’t have the desire – or at least the style – to make any of that interesting.

But then again, isn’t that what a “blog” is all about? Writing whatever comes to mind. That even someone’s suffering and lackluster week could be seen as entertainment for others. After all, “reality” shows are total shit, but there are some people who find that stuff fun to watch. So maybe the fact that I have said absolutely nothing amazing, yet you are still reading, means that you are nice enough to find what I have to say worthwhile? If that’s the case, then thank you kindly.

A lot of people seem to think that since I work in the media and I’m a journalist that my life is at par with Lois Lane (minus the whole Superman thing) or straight out of the movie Network. (Classic film. You should see it if you haven’t already.) Or that since I’m a columnist, I must be like Carrie Bradshaw and my days are filled with martinis and slutty friends. Okay, that might be slightly true. At least the martini part. And it’s not every day. Just some once in a while.

But with the amount of people out there who have blogs and don’t work in the industry, it stands to reason that they all have interesting lives worth reading about. Or at least so they think. And chances are it’s true. It’s what you do with your life and how you tell the stories that makes things fun. Maybe I either need to find a better way of telling it, or throw some adventure in there now and again.

Now that I’ve gone and said my piece, here’s hoping that tomorrow’s little update will be more interesting and fun. Of course there’s always next week. Who knows what’s right around the corner.


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