A wrinkle in time

A reader named Jeff dropped me a line over the weekend and mentioned in his email that he noticed how Toronto is now the place I have lived the second longest in Canada, following my second stint in Montreal than clocked in at just under four years. It makes sense too seeing as how this May I will have been in ‘The Big Smoke’ for three years. Funny how time flies.

Just in case a few of you weren’t sure how Toronto sprung ahead, here’s the breakdown of my travels and places I have hung my hat:

New Jersey: 1974-1995 (20 years)
Montreal: 1995-1997 (2 years, 4 months)
Ottawa: 1997 (6 months)
Toronto: 1997-1998 (6 months)
Montreal: 1998-2002 (3 years, 11 months)
Toronto: 2002-present (3 years this May)

Sure, New Jersey still holds the title for the place I have lived the longest, but Jeff did say “in Canada” and unless I end up moving away before next year, Toronto will eclipse Montreal. Could this mean I’m finally settling down, accepting the whole “thirty-something” lifestyle and wanting to start a family? I can only wonder.


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