Mad Max no more

So The Patriot was on TBS (yet again) this weekend. It seemed for a while the movie was showing like a screen-saver on that network. So far, this weekend was the only screening this year that I know of, which is much better than the twice a day, back-to-back evening and then again on Sunday airings the flick got the first time it was shown on cable.

If you’ve never seen it, congratulations. You have 167 minutes of your life to do with as you please. That’s 167 minutes that many others don’t have anymore. I guess as far as war movies go, it’s not bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s great either. Honestly, there is about 10 minutes of film worth watching, which leaves you with 157 minutes to do anything else. Like maybe watch something else instead.

What it should have been called was “This Movie Wishes it Was Braveheart – But It Isn’t – So Don’t Waste Your Time.” And now Mel Gibson has become all “Important Director Man” by making The Passion of The Christ, which means honestly folks, we will never see a Lethal Weapon 5 at this rate.

Remember when Mel was that bright-eyed Aussie boy making such laughable efforts as Air America with Robert Downey Jr. and Bird on a Wire? Then came his attempt at “serious stuff” like Hamlet and The Man Without a Face? Ah, those were the days. That was all before he got his taste for Oscar and decided that a crazy-ass cop making Three Stooges noises and pulling his partner off an exploding toilet or punching Joe Pesci in the face was above him.


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