The Church’s new Champion

So it’s been about a day now that the Catholic Church has a new leader. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the new Pontiff’s name is Benedict XVI – formerly known as Cardinal Ratzinger.

Turns out (also for those living under a rock) that when a Cardinal is chosen to be the new pope he gets to pick a name. Personally I wish Ratzinger would have chosen Pope Lando II. Yup, Star Wars fans, I’m not making that up. There was in fact a Pope Lando who was around from 913-914AD.

I know, I know… this is a serious time and a very important moment in history and I shouldn’t be equating anything like this to Star Wars, but I still think it would have been cool. Besides, ever since seeing the movie Eurotrip, I can’t help but snicker every time someone mentions the idea of a new pope. (See picture below) Watch the movie if you haven’t already. I’m sure his Holiness would have found it funny too. Well, maybe not. But it’s still a funny film.

It’s not that I’m against the new pope in anyway. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job. It’s just I was hoping for someone who wasn’t seen as such a “hardliner”. People were hoping for change in the Catholic Church and I don’t know if Pope Benedict XVI will bring that or not.

Besides, I grew up only really knowing Pope John Paul II and he was so loved by everyone, it’s tough to get used to a new guy in charge. But I guess it’s best compared to the world of wrestling. Back in 1993 you just had to accept Bret Hart as champion, even though Hulk Hogan was still everyone’s favorite.

Okay. Now you know I’m going to hell.


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