Sign of the Apocalypse # 3,187

You knew sooner or later I was going to have to say something about this on my blog. I’ve mentioned it in the gossip column, but only because I had to.

If you have been hearing the sound of a toilet flushing a lot these days, that’s just Britney Spears’ life and future going down the drain. First there was a marriage that lasted an hour, then a divorce. Then a second marriage to a unemployed bum. Toss in the on-going rumors that Wedding #2 won’t last and finally, in a desperate attempt to show the world she’s going to be married forever, she found another level of hell to sink to. She’s having a baby.

Normally, when a nice, respectable woman has a child, everyone can feel happiness for her. They wish her well and know that there’s a good woman bringing a child into this world. That’s NOT the case here.

Britney has been on a losing track for some time now, and the only thing that The Bum Federline (aka her husband) did that even comes close to work, is knocking up the woman who is bank-rolling him. Now imagine for just one minute how messed up that kid is going to be. And you thought Madonna’s kids were going to need therapy.


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