Feeling special today

I felt really special because I downloaded the new MSN Messenger 7.0 the other day. Not the BETA version, but instead the actual real one that everyone gets to use – and I haven’t found any time to use it. Tammy, who told me that the final product was now ready for public use, says it’s great and has some pretty neat features, but I’ve been so busy the last couple days that even taking a few minutes to try out Messenger hasn’t been in the books.

The really funny thing is while my work-load is heavy right now and my free time is limited, I’ve gotten to that stage where you can flip through my day planner and come across a couple of blank pages. You know the stage I’m talking about. Where for days and days everything is filled up, then all of a sudden, along comes a couple pages where there’s hardly any writing?

Most people think this is where the day planner’s owner either lost the planner or just gave up on the idea of writing. Sometimes that’s very true (more times than I care to admit, in my case) but for me recently it’s been – believe it or not – I’ve been too busy to even write stuff down. I just cruise along on auto-pilot, knowing full well I have a couple meetings to be at, deadlines to meet and dry cleaning to pick up. Now you know I need another vacation.


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