Getting ready…

Those “dizzy spells” I had last week seem to have gone away now, thankfully. I guess it really was just a head-cold or something. Either that or aliens were probing my brain somehow. Good luck to them. Nothing much worthwhile up there right now.

I’m drained from all the running around I did yesterday and I’m still trying to grab some rest before the Jays home opener tonight. Loved the Jeff Healey show last night – maybe I’ll post some pics when I get the chance. I’ve got a lunch meeting and then it’s nap-time before the game.

The weekend is supposed to be nice – at least in Toronto it is. So if you’re lucky enough to have some warm spring like conditions wherever you are, get out there and enjoy them because before you know it, you’ll be complaining about snow again.

Unless you live in Australia in which case you’re about to have a crap-load of it.


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