Not too shabby

I’m so excited. I’ve got an invite to the special BenQ Concert featuring Jeff Healey tonight at his club and I managed to score some prime seats in the Press Club for tomorrow night’s Blue Jays home opener. I’ve been waiting to the baseball season to get underway and seeing a true Canadian musical legend like Healey live is pretty sweet too.

This will be the Jays first game in SkyDome since the name was changed to the ridiculous “Rogers Center” (nothing like big corporate sponsorship) and so far they’re doing really well. They kicked ass in spring training and have been on a streak since the season started. Nothing like being on the side of the winning team!

And as much as I said I don’t care that the NHL is on strike, I do miss the spring-time playoffs and watching the Leafs while sitting at a local bar cheering them on.  I guess I’ll just have to make up for it with some quality patio-time at a bar while enjoying the great weather and watching baseball.


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