Better than before

Okay, so I never came back to do another update on Monday like I said I would. In fact, I didn’t even do one yesterday.

I wish I could tell you some interesting reason as to why I did post anything, but truth i I just got really busy and things started to pile up. But I promise to try harder to make the updates more interesting since so many of you have said you actually enjoy them. And thanks to everyone who said they liked the new title splash on the main page as you come in. My buddy Ray was able to put the finishing touches on it last night, so now it looks even better.

And now comes the shocking part. The other day while trying not to poke out my eye while putting on eye-liner, I noticed a silver hair! (Please note I said “silver” and not “gray”.) A friend of mine back in Jersey said that maybe it was from when I brushed up against someone else. As nice a thought as that is, I doubt it’s true – since the silver hair in question was growing out of my head. I guess these are the downsides of turning 30. Then again, after all I’ve been through to only get a silver hair now isn’t so bad.


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