Post Mania week begins

WrestleMania 21 was last night, and while it wasn’t the best one ever, it was pretty good. Since I was on the road most of Sunday, I only got back into the city around 6:30 so I didn’t feel like going home and paying $50 to order the event, or going to one of the movie theaters showing it, so I found a local sports bar that Tammy (who is feeling much better these days) told me about.

There was a pretty good crowd, but not like back in Montreal where it seems you’re actually at the event by the way the people watching on the bar’s big screens react. Next year’s WrestleMania XXII is heading to Chicago which is only 9 hours from Toronto by car, so maybe I’ll check it out and add another notch to my belt.

I’ll probably do another update later on today, once I get finished with all the work I have to do.


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