Last day of March

For some reason I thought there were only 30 days in March. Then again, without the help of a nearby calender, who can ever really remember those things? Ever since my “Tough Dames: Great Quotes by Great Women” page-a-day desktop calendar ran out last year, I’ve been playing the guessing game as far as what day comes next. So far I’ve noticed that most times, 5 does in fact come after 4 and before 6, so Sesame Street taught me well.

Today is another long day and I know I have to get my ass to Costco sometime before the sun sets. I’m low on a few things and I really should stock up. That’s the problem with those warehouse stores. You start making a list, you don’t want to go for just one or two things. So you wait until the list is almost a page long, forgetting that you’re about to go shopping at a store which has the floorspace of three football fields. Not to mention a store that stocks cereal in boxes so large that I could be the prize inside. And remember, I’m five foot, ten inches tall.

Anyway, I’m going to a big-ass store with a big-ass list and praying I can shove everything I buy into my car. Wish me luck.


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