New pants

For fear of going another two days without posting an entry, I felt the need to update and say something – but I couldn’t think of anything really to talk about. So, why not show you this…

My new leather pants! Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your ass using a camera that you’re not familiar with? Trust me, when the time comes for you to do the same, you’ll be thinking of me.

There’s no real need for an update about my new pants, other than the fact that I got them on sale and they can now join the on-going collection of other pants in the closet I have that are like them. Of course these ones have no pockets, which rock when it comes to shape and style. So I guess they are a bit different.

Other than that, it’s status quo around here. I have been feeling a bit dizzy these past couple days every time I lie down or when I wake up, but friends have told me not to worry and that it’s probably just a head-cold. I love how the word “probably” is supposed to make me feel better.


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