Top of the morning’ to ya

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all. Remember to go easy on the green beer today! Speaking of green beer, last night was the Genie Awards Pre-Party for invited guests of the media and nominees of Canada’s answer to the Oscars. Thankfully I was able to score some tickets to this and I was shocked at just how many famous Canadian faces I know.

Naturally, none of them looked or even talked to me, but it was still cool to say “Hey… I know that guy from…” Living in Canada for over ten years now has really opened my eyes to a lot of great movies that I probably would have never seen back home.

While you most likely won’t have a chance to check out all the nominated flicks in this years’s Genie Awards, you can do yourself a favor and put down the copy of Jackass you were going to rent and check out some good Canuck flicks instead.

For those of you in the Toronto or Ottawa areas, I know for a fact your local Rogers Video Store has a fine selection of films made north of the American border. And for everyone else, I’m sure someone at Blockbuster or your local video shop can help you pick out a good DVD.

Now be a good Canadian and celebrate your culture and the culture of the Irish all rolled into one by having a green Molson or Labatt beer, EH!


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