I felt like chicken tonight

One of the great things about being single is your friends will often make extra of whatever it is they are having for dinner and then bring it by afterwards. Some might think of it as a charity for single folks. I like to think of it as “Left-over-hand-me-downs”. Thankfully, there were friends in the cooking mood and to me went the spoils. Except when I say “spoils” I mean that in a good way. Not in a milk-carton-left-at-the-back-of-the-fridge way.

I tried a batch of my friend’s Ginger Sesame Chicken and for a first time effort, it was really good. Naturally, just having one piece wasn’t enough, so in typical-me fashion, I had seconds and then saved the rest for lunch.

Let me just say this, even with a full stomach and several good resources at your disposal, it’s not as easy as one might think to get publishers to buy someone else’s work.

First off, editors aren’t going to jump at the chance to publish someone else when they’re already publishing you. Second, they’re not going to recommend another publisher for fear of letting go of the next great thing. It’s really a catch 22 and just more proof that the world of journalism is a tough market to crack.

As much as I always say “Hey kids, if you’re thinking about a career where you can get a crap-load of free junk, get your meals paid for and get to see cool things before other people do, then consider a career in journalism”, it doesn’t always mean things are going to work out. But don’t give up. There’s a crap-load of free stuff out there with your name on it. And sooner or later you’ll get it.


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