Making up for the last one

Okay, so that little update from before kinda sucked, so I deleted it. In fact it sucked big time because I had nothing better to talk about other than some new browser that some company invented. I could have made it interesting or even funny if I wanted to, but instead it read like some kid’s book report and I think I even included an exclamation point in there which is a big “faux-pas” because it’s like laughing at your own joke (Joan Rivers, please take note). If that wasn’t enough I also made a wrestling reference. Be glad it’s gone.

So what would be a better update? Maybe a recap of how I celebrated International Womens/Alanis Morissette Day? Not a bad idea, if I had actually done something noteworthy. Instead I worked, came home and then felt like making a really big sandwich some time around 11PM, which as everyone knows is the perfect time to make a sandwich. I did make sure to flaunt my “woman-like freedom” and show some Alanis-style support by wearing a satin blouse and leather pants, but as my friend Kim pointed out, it’s not like I don’t do that at least once a week.

I gave some thought to burning my bra in show of support for all my “sisters” out there, but I happen to like the bra I was wearing yesterday and I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of buying a new one just so the inventory in my lingerie drawer would balance out. In case anyone is taking notes – and by the strange emails I get every so often, someone is – Sears Canada is still my favorite place to buy everyday/comfortable/stylish bras. I know, the idea of Sears and lingerie is pretty funny, but it seems the folks up here in the Great White North are a little more ahead when it comes to what looks and feels nice, than their counterparts down south.

Let’s see… bra talk, mentioned the word “lingerie”, comment on both sandwiches and leather pants, insulted Joan Rivers… Yup. Looks like this entry is much better than the last.


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