Just another day…

t’s days like this I think about moving back to Montreal or New Jersey just to get away from all the crazy stuff here in Toronto. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days, I’ll bring you up to speed on why U-Haul might very soon be on my speed-dial.

Sunday afternoon: A “crazy” man grabs his 5 year old daughter and throws her over an overpass guard-rail onto the expressway and then jumps over himself, trying to commit suicide and kill his child in order to punish his estranged wife. He died, the kid lived but is in very critical condition.

Tuesday: A deranged man with a knife has a stand-off with police in the downtown core and shouts and yells that he’s going to kill people until one police cruiser has to run him down. Surprisingly the man walked away from it – only to be put in handcuffs. You can see raw footage here, but as the network warns, some images may be disturbing.

Wednesday: During a protest at Queen’s Park (Ontario’s Capital Buildings) a man driving a rental truck pulls up and says he wants to die. Police corner him, but he shocks everyone by pouring gas all over himself, ramming two police cars and then setting himself on fire. Again, here’s a clip. Watch (and live in Toronto) at your own discretion. (Clips, by the way, are courtesy of CP24:Toronto’s News Channel)

Of course for people living in New York City, this is just another day in paradise, but for Toronto, it’s shaping up to be a game of spin the wheel of tragedy and guess what’s going to happen next.


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